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Brite Common Hand Nails (Per Pound)

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$1.99 - $3.49
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Common framing nails are used for general construction where a smooth shank for driving ease is desired. Rely on common nails to build walls, and roofs, apply sheathing, and sub-flooring, and for just about any interior project where you use construction lumber. These common nails are fast to drive with a diamond point and a smooth shank. The head design is 3-4 times the size of the shank, providing easy connection and reliable holding power.

Product Details
  • Coating: Bright finish for interior use
  • Code: Aligns to ASTM F1667, as applicable
  • Applications: Designed for use in interior construction, carpentry, and framing
  • Head Style: Flat head offers a large striking surface for easy drive connection
  • Shank Style: Smooth shank offers great holding power and makes the nail fast and easy to drive
  • Point Type: Diamond point starts fast and drives easily