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Closed Monday May 20th
Closed Monday May 20th

Simpson AT-3G™ High-Strength Hybrid Acrylic Adhesive Epoxy 9.5fl-oz

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AT-3G is a hybrid, acrylic-based adhesive for anchoring threaded rod and rebar into cracked and uncracked concrete. Ideal for cold weather and wet concrete applications, AT-3G dispenses easily and offers a fast curing time for same-day bolt up. It can be specified for a wide range of in-service temperatures, and maintains its strong bond strength in extreme environments for ultimate design and jobsite flexibility. Tested and code compliant with the IBC and IRC, AT-3G hybrid adhesive is easy to install with the conventional blow-brush-blow hole cleaning method.

  • Excellent for use in cold weather conditions or applications where fast cure is required
  • Recognized per ICC-ES AC308 for threaded rod and rebar anchoring, along with post-installed rebar development and splice length design provisions
  • Conventional blow-brush-blow hole cleaning technique using a wire brush — no power brushing required
  • Base material installation temperatures down to 0°F (-18°C)
  • Use in grout-filled CMU construction
  • Use of a vacuum in lieu of compressed air for hole cleaning
  • Installation into oversized holes
  • Installation in holes drilled with diamond core bits

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